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  • SIMWOOD's work in the region
  • the Regional Learning Labs in Urbion Model Forest and Páramos y Valles
  • the Castile and León pilot projects
  • the Forestry Sector Mobilisation Programme of Castilla y León, 2014-2022


Regional news


Clarear montes alimenta a los níscalos [Thinning increases the production of milkcaps (Lactarius deliciosus) in northern Spain], Diario da Valladolid


El I+D+i que preserva los bosques, Diario


La Universidad de Valladolid investiga soluciones para el aprovechamiento sostenible de la madera, Boletín Desarrollo Sostenible en Castilla y León, Número 7


El aprovechamiento sostenible de la madera mediante el proyecto SIMWOOD


SIMWOOD: soluciones para el aprovechamiento de madera de manera sostenible


About Castile and León

Area: 94,200 km2
Population: 2.5 million
Forest area: 4.8 million ha
Private forests: 2.9 million ha (60% of total)
Private forest owners: 400,000 - 500,000
Forest type: Pyrenean oak forest; Mediterranean evergreen oak forest; Mediterranean pine forest; Mediterranean and Anatolian Black pine forest; Mediterranean and Anatolian Scots pine forest; plantations of site and non-site native species

Specific situation

  • Timber and firewood production is 10 million m3.
  • Important wood-based industrial sector, especially primary manufacturing (awmills, logging plywood, pulp, biomass) with high share of by-products.
  • Three species account for 85% of felling: Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and poplar (Populus sp.).
  • Main forest functions are forest production (wood and non-wood forest products), carbon sequestration, conservation (biodiversity, geomonuments), tourism and protection (water, soil).

Main challenges

  • Small size ownership
  • Increasingly weak forestry sector: consulting, forest workers, wood industry
  • Lack of investment in management plans due to low wood productivity, dependency of regional government


Regional initiatives

Regional forest resources mobilisation programme
Regional Bioenergy programme
Private Forest Owners Federation of Forestry Associations (FAFCYLE)
Professional forestry association in Castile and Leon (PROFOR)
Regional Forest Plan

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