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Riga Technical University
Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering
Institute of Energy Systems and Environment

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About Latvia

Area: 64,486 km2
Population: 2.0 million
Forest area: 2.865 million ha (44.4% of land)
Private forests: 1.389 million ha (48.5% of total forest area)
Private forest owners: 129,364

Forest type: boreal forests (19%), hemiboreal forests 59%, non-riverine alder, birch / aspen forest (22%)

Specific situation

  • Latvia is the fourth most densely forested country in Europe.
  • About 48% of the forest area is publicly owned (46.6% state, and 1.4% by local government).
  • Of the privately owned forest, 12.6% is owned by people who own less than 10 ha. These owners account for 78.5% of the private forest owners.

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