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Irish Wood Producers
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Focus on Southern and Eastern Ireland

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Events and presentations


South East Forestry Expo for forest owners

Kilkenny, Ireland



Workshop on Wood Mobilisation: the  
role of forest cooperatives

Presentations from the workshop

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford workshop


First stakeholder meeting, Mount Juliet

More photographs from the event

Irish Wood Producers Facebook album


Regional news


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Castle hosts conference on sustainable wood
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Wood mobilisation in Ireland
Forestry and Energy Review, Volume 5 issue 1


SIMWOOD Week held in Edinburgh
Irish Wood Producers Facebook album


Forest management: Plotting the future of forestry
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The Irish Wood Producers



Mobilising Ireland's forest resource, cover Mobilising Ireland's forest resource, COFORD, 2015

 SIMWOOD is referenced in the report, see also Annex 2.

Background: Under COFORD a Wood Mobilisation Group was established and the goals of this group were to identify and make recommendations on issues impacting on access to and mobilisation of wood resources, to look at ways to address the shortfall in wood fibre supply and update the wood harvest forecast done in 2011. The recommendations are very much at a national level, looking at issues like streamlining the bureaucracy around forest road entrances, technical standards for roads, transparency in timber prices, transport technology to protect poor public roads, forest owner advice/knowledge.

The issues addressed in this report were reflected in the SE Ireland RLL meeting in autumn 2014.

About Southern and Eastern Ireland

Area: 36,414 km2
Population: 3.1 million
Forest area: 375,000 ha
Private forests: 162,000 ha (43% of total)
Private forest owners: 8,500
Forest type: Plantations of not-site-native species and self-sown exotic forest

Specific situation

  • Private forests in this region established since 1985 mainly on marginal agricultural land in response to subsidies available for afforestation.
  • Earlier plantations typically comprise monocultures of Sitka spruce; more recently broadleaves. Many due to be thinned for the first time.
  • Important forest functions are timber production, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and recreation (in specific parts).

Main challenges

  • Relatively small, inaccessible plantations.
  • Almost all 'new' owners with no traditional knowledge of forest management; not familiar with need to thin plantations.
  • Not aware of 'value' of woodland - value associated with subsidies


Regional initiatives

Producer groups e.g. Wexford Wood Producers

Irish Wood Producers is a collaboration of the Wexford Wood Producers, Timber Kilkenny Cooperative Society, Laois Farm Forestry Growers Group and the Waterford Forest Owners Group.

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