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Florestas e Afins, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.
Pedro Serra Ramos ()

Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa


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  • SIMWOOD's work in the region
  • the pilot project: Increasing the availability of eucalypt and maritime pine wood through management and afforestation in the Alentejo region


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Barreiro S., Rua J., Tomé M. 2016. StandsSIM-MD: a Management Driven forest SIMulator. Forest Systems 25(2): eRC07. doi:10.5424/fs/2016252-08916


Presentation SIMWOOD, Expo Forestal
Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal


Workshop «Aumento da Disponibilidade da Madeira em Portugal - Compatível com uma floresta sustentável?»

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As florestas são um importante recurso natural

Desbloqueio de recursos florestais


About Alentejo

Area: 31,551.2 km2
Population: 757,190
Forest area: 1,413,983 ha
Private forests: 1,363,966 ha
Private forest owners: 18,860
Forest type: Mediterranean evergreen oak forest; Mediterranean pine forest; plantations of non-native and native tree species

Specific situation

  • The forest area is mainly privately owned.
  • The northern area of Alentejo is characterised by small and medium-sized properties, while the southern area is dominated by large and very large-sized properties.
  • Cork oak and holm oak stands account for 72% of forest area, eucalypts 16% and umbrella pine 7%.
  • 70% of eucalypt stands are larger than 10ha.
  • Eucalypt plantations account for 76% of the wood produced in the region, most of which is used outside the region.

Main challenges

  • Fragmented ownership in part of the area.
  • Reduced professional organisation of forest owners not integrated in landowners association.
  • Harvesting and extraction on small scale.
  • High demand from industry to increase wood from eucalypt stands by intensification of silviculture and/or plantation of new areas.


Regional initiatives

Creation of more forest intervention areas (ZIFs)
Integration of forest owners into land owner associations
Joint research with wood industries for the use of wood from cork oak and umbrella pine stands, and for intensification of silviculture in eucalypt stands


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