Bavaria, Germany

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Regional contacts

Bavarian State Institute of Forestry of the Bayerische
Staatsministerum für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten
Roland Schreiber ()

German Centre of Forest Work and Forest Technology (KWF)
Nadine Karl ()
Hans-Ulrich Dietz ()



Focus on Bavaria

Read the feature in SIMWOOD's April 2016 newsletter

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  • SIMWOOD's work in the region
  • the Regional Learning Lab
  • the pilot projects in Grünten and Bibersberg/Thiemitztal

Events and presentations


SimWood study tour by Energikontor Sydost and Linnaeus University representatives to Bavaria
Study tour report (in Swedish with English summary)


SimWood – Holzmobilisierung durch bessere Information?
KWF Tagung 2016, Roding, Bavaria


INTERFORST (The International Key Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest Technology), Munich


Erfahrungen, Herausforderungen und neue Wege in der europäischen Umwelt- und Bioökonomieforschung
Informationsveranstaltung HORIZON 2020: Umwelt & Bioökonomie 2014-2015, Munich


Wood in Bavaria
Biomass policies workshop “Sustainability” and “Mobilisation”, Brussels



SIMWOOD project leaflet  Deutsch


Wälder als wichtige natürliche Ressource

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Regional news


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About Bavaria

Area: 70,500 km2
Population: 12.6 million
Forest area: 2.5 million ha (35% of land)
Private forests: 1.4 million ha (56% of total)
Private forest owners: 635,000
Forest type: Subalpine and mountainous spruce and mountainous mixed spruce-silver fir forest;
Central European submoutainous and mountainous beech forest

Specific situation

  • Strong position of forest administration, and long tradition of forest owner
  • Both provide complementary support to private owners.
  • Experience in participative local forest management and regional forest cluster
    initiatives, forest function planning by the forest administration in Bavaria.

Main challenges

  • Fragmented forest plots of less than 2 ha
  • Low response of small owners
  • Increasing number of ‘urban’ owners
  • Need for climate change adaptation


Regional initiatives

Cluster Wald und Holz Bayern
Holzforum Allgäu

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